Mother’s Day 2020: Daisy Shah takes a trip down memory lane; says, ‘My mother would accompany me on all my shoots and even fought with my dad’ [Exclusive]

As we celebrate Mother’s Day today, one of Bollywood’s prettiest and most hardworking actresses, Daisy Shah has come forth and revealed on the role her mother has played in her life. After all, with everyone pouring their heart out on social media for their mothers, why should our celebs also not have their say, right? From her fondest memory of her mother to the sacrifices she has made to the instrumental role she has played in her career, Daisy Shah exclusively reveals to BollywoodLife what all her mother has done for her and means to her. Also Read – Daisy Shah FINALLY opens up on being trolled for the ‘Our business is our business dialogue’; says, ‘It actually made me more famous’ [Exclusive]

Sharing her fondest memory of her mother, Daisy Shah said, “There are loads of memories from the happy ones to the sad ones, from the fights we’ve had to the love we have for each other. So, there are so many memories that i can’t even pen it out for you, guys. But, I really have to say something…I’m pretty sure this is going to sound funny (laughs)…but, as a child, I had once got a spanking from my mother, and that’s one memory of my mother I’ll have forever.” Also Read – Salman Khan to kick-start United States tour in April — know more

Speaking about the sacrifices her mother has made, the actress added, “My mother has sacrificed a lot (with emphasis). So, my mum got married in a joint family, and has been on her toes since the day she got married, I guess. So…yeah…she’s seen a lot of sad days in her life, she’s gone through a lot of struggle. She has gone through the times when we had no money or we were so…(chokes up a bit) it’s so difficult to actually say all these things, but, yeah, she’s seen a lot of sad times in her life. I think, today what I am is only because of her as she’s the one who supported me throughout from going against my dad since he did not want me to be in the film industry. But she was the one who fought with my dad and told him, ‘No, if she wants to do something, then let her do it. I think, whatever I am today is because of her.” Also Read – Salman Khan, Shilpa Shetty, Aayush Sharma and others attend Ramesh Taurani’s Pre Diwali party

Signing off on how instrumental her mother has been to her career, Daisy concluded, “I just said that today if I am in the film industry, it’s only because of her as she’s the one who supported me throughout and she has stayed awake all night when I was shooting…I can’t remember where. We were staying in Dombivali (beyond Mumbai) in those days, which is like on the other side of town. The travel would take 2-4 hours, but still my mother would accompany me on all my shoots. She never left me alone when I was at any of the shoots be it if I was one of the crowd members or any of the dancers. Later, when she understood the people, when she knew that I am in a safe space and all the people I was working with were known to her, that is when she stopped coming and let me be me. She has been very instrumental when it comes to my career.”

Well, do wish a Happy Mother’s Day to your mommy dearest from us, too, Daisy. She’s indeed a great lady. And a Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there. There’s truly no one like y’all.

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